Not Round. Not Human. Boxy Mouse.

Keep In Touch

(...and get some stickers)

In an effort to not be fired, our marketing department decided it would be a good idea to stay in touch with you outside of the social media wasteland. If you give us a mailing address, we'll send you some Boxy Mouse stickers! We will keep the communication moderate (no more than a weekly email, and a monthly mailing). We will not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable personal information to any third party. In simple words, we do not share your information, period.


Boxy Mouse was inspired by a bonafide mouse named Jasmine in the winter of 2007. Since then, the approach at Boxy Mouse Design Studio (and laundry room) has been to learn how to create all manner of art-like things based on Boxy Mouse and other various Boxy characters.

Nearly every item, from the buttons and stickers to screen prints and paintings, are produced by hand in-house. Rampant speculation surrounds the studio -- there's even a rumor that a collective of mutated "painting monkeys" are on staff.

Vive le Boxy Mouse!