The Vending Machine Landscape.

The vending machine landscape has changed a bit in 2013. One was removed (Peace Coffee) and 3 were added (Anoka Dunn Bros, Left Handed Cook & Sebastian Joe’s Linden Hills). Click here for a map of all active Boxy Mouse Dispensaries.

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Boxy Mouse Infests Anoka Dunn Bros!

The owner at Anoka Dunn Bros Coffee was kind enough to invite Boxy Mouse into its shoppe. It turned out to be a fun collection that spans pretty much the last 3 years of production. Also, a gumball machine made the trip!


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The Boxy Mouse Story – Part 3

Soon after the name “Boxy Mouse” was christened in early 2009, another major piece of the puzzle materialized — screen printing. The design possibilities were pushed into new directions, and the concept of Boxy Mouse as a product became part of the formula. It certainly did not happen overnight! Most of the Spring and Summer of 2009 was spent building and acquiring the ingredients necessary to to make quality screen prints on paper and fabric. Finally, the first saleable Boxy shirts came to be in September 2009…

…and the first paper prints a month later.

The passion for screen printing continues to fuel the Boxy Mouse project to this day. It is worth mentioning that was a major resource in learning the art of screenprinting — so many helpful humans willing to share!

Another important acquisition was made in November 2009 in the form of a button making machine. The steady flow of simple striking button designs were exactly what was needed at the time.

This creative spurt eventually led to the creation of Boxy Mouse Incognito…

…and the Super Boxy Funtime Button Pack™.

The year 2009 was perhaps the most formative in the history of Boxy Mouse, but the story is far from over. More characters, new opoortunties, and much more Funtime was to come.

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Buttons! Super Funtime! Joy!

The Super Boxy Funtime Button Library is fully updated!
It contains every button available for sale (including the shiny brand new ones pictured below). All of these tiny artworks can be purchased in a button pack or magnet pack from the Boxy Mouse Store. Also, a link to the Super Boxy Funtime Button Library has been added to this website’s menu bar. Vive le Boxy Mouse!

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New Goodies

Week 12 – Boxy Mouse Stickers

Week 13 – Boxy Mouse Street Magnet

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On The Subject Of Buttons

It seems no matter how busy things get, the new buttons keep coming. You can see the designs at the Super Boxy Funtime Button Library. Some of the newer ones (like those pictured below) have not been added yet, but an attempt will be made in the next couple weeks to make it completely up to date.

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Sometimes Boxy Mouse Ignores You And Makes Things

The Central Library show has ended, and there is nothing on the schedule for the next couple months. The last few weeks have been spent (relentlessly) making cool things for the public Spring infestation of 2012. Keep a look out — some of them will want to go home with you.

As you can see, the not often publicized “Fish Boy” character will get some face time this Spring as well.

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Store Items – Weeks 7 to 11

The store keeps growing. The 1-new-item-per-week streak continues unbroken.

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Hast Boxy Mouse No Shame? No.

The store keeps filling (shamelessly) as promised.

Week 4 – Boxy Mouse Incognito – Unisex Tee – RED

Week 5 – Boxy Mouse Red TV Mug

Week 6 – Probably Not Radioactive Glow Pack

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The Big Show

Boxy Mouse is now solidly infesting the Dunn Bros in Minneapolis Central Library. Squeek! Lots of work went into this one — the monkeys often labored into the night. It will be up until the end of March. After the show is over, the Infestation Tour will take a couple months off to concentrate on products for the store, get the word out on the streets, and generally plan ridiculous shenanigans. Some time in the Summer, these Boxy Mouse shows will begin anew.

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